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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Buying/Selling Process

In an earlier post, I wrote about the sales presentation and proposed a list of questions that a prospect might have and wonder if you are the right person to contract with.  I will now submit to you a list of more thought-provoking challenges to help you understand the buying/selling process:

  1. The first sale made is the salesperson. If the prospect doesn't buy you, he's not going to buy your product or service.
  2. How's your online reputation? What's your Google ranking and reputation? Not your company's reputation  . . . yours!
  3. What's your social media reputation? Not tweeting is a choice, but a poor one. How about LinkedIn? Do you have a Facebook business page?
  4. Did you offer proof? Did you use "voice-of-customer" testimonials to prove your claims?
  5. Does the buyer have enough peace of mind to purchase from you?

Remember, the only person who counts in your sales conversations:  the customer.